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What is Start-A-Factory?

Start-A-Factory (SAF) is a unique concept: It's a device infrastructure and working environment specifically designed for hardware startups. It's located in the centre of Berlin in beautiful Wedding. SAF is a playground for engineers with big visions! Here you can get your hands on machines that work on an industrial level and the people who know how to operate them. That way you'll bridge the gap between makers space and industrial production in no time.

How does Start-A-Factory work?

It's quite simple: You need help with your development process? We provide you with the tools and experts to turn your idea into a professional prototype - as quickly and efficiently as possible. Start-A-Factory is part of one of Europe's biggest research institutes and together we will overcome all your research and development challenges.

What is available at Start-A-Factory?

We have set up everything that a tech startup needs - in a dedicated production hall for you and other startups. The core element is the prototype line where our experts produce your hardware. Right next to it you'll find office workstations in converted ocean containers, fully equipped laboratory workstations, meeting areas and a kitchen.

How much does it cost?

As a registered association we don't have to think solely in terms of profit. This means that we can offer our services at competitive prices. Still, we have to pay our scientists, but you only need to pay for the individual services that you actually use. The more you do yourself, the less you have to pay. No matter what, you will receive a detailed and fair offer beforehand. And if you need external funding, we'll be happy to help you with that as well.

Who can cooperate with Start-A-Factory?

We work with anyone who is motivated to produce hardware of the highest quality. Simply put: If your device processes visual, chemical or electrical signals, we are the right partner for you and will gladly help you with your development process!

What if my company isn't located in Berlin?

No problem. As long as we can reach you, everything will be fine. Only the first meeting needs to be in person here in Berlin. Later on, you only need to be on-site when you want personal support or when we start the production of your prototype.

What is expected of me?

First and foremost you need to answer all the questions from our scientists that arise during the project - as quickly and precisely as possible. And to guarantee that we are always up to date, we will hold by-weekly meetings. Beyond that, you're free to concentrate on your work!

Is there a risk to my IP?

Of course not! The Fraunhofer Society has a track record of upholding strict confidentially standards in applied research projects since several decades. Nothing is done without a non-disclosure agreement.

What happens once the cooperation has ended?

The IP, all company shares, your research results and all prototypes belong to you! The only thing left to do is to go into production and to show the world what you have created.

Do I need to speak German?

No. All our employees speak English.

How do I contact you?

Give us a call or send us an email (see the phone number/mail address at the bottom of the page). We will then send you a non-disclosure agreement and arrange a first meeting. In this non-binding interview you will meet our experts and develop a first plan of action.

Can I use a workplace at Start-A-Factory?

We have a few workplaces in our production hall. Each of them can be individually equipped to meet your needs. If you are interested in one, simply mention it in the first meeting.