Partners and Friends: Zukunftsorte Berlin

— Alexandra Rydz

A strong, well-developed network is everything! That's why we're delighted to introduce you to our friends from Zukunftsorte Berlin.

Where science and business meet and interdisciplinary partnerships are born.

How can envision our future? The Zukunftsorte, eleven special locations in Berlin, have the networks and infrastructure you need to solve tomorrow’s problems today, with innovative and creative ideas.

These are the places where science and business come together. From the creative thinkers at the many scientific institutions in Berlin to the incubators and centers helping innovative startups off the ground to established high-tech centers and enterprises – the Zukunftsorte have the right people to get you on track.

Science and industry are not foreign ground for Germany’s capital. Over a century ago, Berlin was Germany’s leading industrial metropolis. Here, people explored and experimented, crafted and created the industrial world. And the Zukunftsorte are the ideal pad for relaunching Berlin’s history of innovation.

Synergies are the fuel of innovation, and nothing works without the shared knowhow and combined effort of diverse teams. That is what the Zukunftsorte excel at. The magic happens when all relevant people come together: Research and innovation happens right where commercial value is created. This is the express way from a wild idea to a finished product.

“Future will be good. Because we’re shaping it!” is our motto. In our campaign “The future happens when…”, our Zukunftsorte show just how they are answering the pressing questions of tomorrow and what they are working on today. Can life be made more livable for people everywhere without living above our natural world’s means? Can we save the world from plastic waste, protect biodiversity, and beat cancer? More than 62,000 people are working at 42 scientific institutions and around 2,200 enterprises across 11 locations to answer these questions and many more beyond.

The Zukunftsorte Berlin office helps the eleven Zukunftsorte of Berlin to work together and launch and conduct cooperative ventures. It also represents the shared interests of the Zukunftsorte with our partners in government and administration, such as the Masterplan Industrial Berlin or the Startup Unit. Another part of our mission is to champion the "Zukunftsorte Berlin" brand on the regional, national, and international stage.

The innovative network is supported by Berlin’s political leaders with funding support from the Senate Department for Economics, Energy, and Public Enterprises for this unique network in Europe’s scientific and commercial landscape.

Zukunftsorte Berlin® is a registered brand and project of the Senate Department for Economics, Energy, and Public Enterprises as part of the federal and state-funded community economic development programme “Improving the Regional Business Structure”.

Are you curious? You can find more information on the website of Zukunftsorte and here you can watch the short film „Science-Tech Startups in Berlin“ - we are happy to be part of the film!